Services & Installation

Our delivery team at Jim's Batteries are well equipped with an average of over 30 years experience in the industry. We use the latest electronic testers to tell you if you really need a new battery or just need to give your current one a good charge.

Jump Starts


A quick call out for a small fee starting at $59.00 will get you up and on your way in a minimum of fuss. If a battery is needed and purchased from us, we will waive the call out fee.

Removal of old Battery

Don’t leave them lying around to pollute and create a hazard, we will remove your old battery for you to be recycled.

Over 96% of your battery is recyclable

Battery Testing

As part of our services we will test your car Battery, Alternator and Starter motor. Not all mobile battery installers test your system to determine why your battery is being drained. This way we help you get the maximum life out of your battery.

Organise Towing

If in the event that it is not a battery fault and we can’t get you going we can arrange towing to your preferred mechanic or to one of our referred mechanical workshops.